The convergence of disciplines and technologies, the relationship between research and industries, the early collaboration between start-up companies and investors, cooperation between companies instead of competition are evident trends of social, cultural and economic growth.

The event explores best practices world-wide in the above principles and delineates a road-map and a strategic vision to create a successful ecosystem of researchers, entrepreneurs and investors that believe and these principles and are willing to make a changes in current practices.

The organizers have invited people from academic institutions and industries, investors, policy makers to seat together, share knowledge and experience and shaping a vision of the future.

5 Days

Start-ups and Corporate Venture



Location: Palazzo della Sapienza, Pisa

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Scientific Committee

Corrado Priami

Alessio Cavicchi

Giuseppe D’Onza

Chiara Galletti

Giuseppe Iannaccone

Marco Macchia

Organizing Committee

Cristiana Barghini

Rachele Di Maio

Loredana Guarino

Graphic Design

Maria Vittoria Lami

Communication Committee

Silvia Bencivelli

Antonio Rosario D’Agnelli

Fabiano Catania

Leonardo De Cosmo

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Converging Skills does its part to make
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“Cultural, social, economic impact” brochure
has PEFC certification
The paper gadgets distributed at the event
have FSC certification

Unused food from the buffets
will be donated to Caritas Pisa

The pens distributed at the event
are made from recycled plastic

We have offset the CO2 emissions caused
by the printing of brochures